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Do not share these free patterns. If anyone wants a copy

refer them to this website. As long as this one rule is not

broken I will continue to offer free patterns.

Thanks…….Karl …  Tayco Designs/ KTDesigns






Pattern # 9400 P Cross9400 P Cross A copy


9400 P Cross


Pattern # 9400 o Cross9400 O Cross copy

Named Matt’s Cross

9400 O Cross



Pattern # 9400 N9400 N Cross copy

Not everyones taste but

the price is right.

9400 N Cross


Pattern # 9400 M Cross9400 M Cross copy

Named ‘Becca’ after an artist friend.


9400 M








Pattern # 8600-3 Trivet9800-3 Trivet copy


Modified Dover pattern

9800-3 Trivet



Pattern # 9400 L Cross

Gianna’s Cross,

named after Tim’s grand daughter.

9400 L Cross copy

9400 L Cross


Pattern # 1175 Bull Skull1175 Bull Skull copy

1175 Bull Skull




1075 Indian copy

Similar to the Indian motorcycle logo.

This will be a free pattern for a limited time.

Please note…

this pattern is designed with the words as an overlay, not a cutout. Sorry for the confusion.

Click link to download…..


1075 Indian





Get this great pattern for free.Frame 8600 G BITMAP copy

This can be an overlay or a negative cut pattern.

Frame 8600 G



1095 BOD copy

Pattern # 1095 BOD

Click link for pattern…



Pattern # 1055  TRY

Click link to download.

1055 TRY



Originally a clipart pattern, I did some

overhauling and editing to create this pattern.

I am unsure of the original designers name.

#1770   2 Doves

1770 2 Doves




Pattern # 1035 Mini Clock – Flame

1035 – Mini Clock

1035 Mini Clock






Get this redesigned

Dover pattern free




1225 Johm 3-16 copy

Enjoy this free pattern.

Click below link to download

_1225 Johm 3-16








1365 Holding Heart copy

Pattern # 1635 Holding Heart

This pattern will be available for free

through the end of February.

Click the link below for downlosd……


1365 Holding Heart






1375 - 1954 SURBURBAN BITMAP copyPattern # 1375 –

1954 Suburban

1375 – 1954 SURBURBAN







Get your copy of this great Chinese wall art.


1625-Love Without Reason

Click this link….




_Halloween Spider Free Pattern.













If you have been turning wood for a while,

this may have come out of your mouth.

Note the slant in the word ‘perfect’

Get the free pattern while it is being offered.

Click this link….


Pattern # 1255

This familiar FaceBook phrase

can grace your desktop at all times.

1255 – LMAO

Right click image to the left


click below for PDF file

1255 LMAO






1025 Swing Woman

Click this link…

1025 Swing Woman








Visit WWW.DAFONT.COM to download

this font and several thousand more.



In the top pattern, the word ‘ADULT’, the

‘U’ and the ‘L’ may look too close together.

If you prefer, insert a small veining cut as shown in the lower pattern.

Use this method in other letters if you feel the need.

I do not know the original person that stated this.

Resize as needed.




This pattern can be used in many different ways.

Get your free copy now, this will be removed soon. Right click and save.


Use this free pattern as a trivet, pendent or even a box lid.

1440 Heart-PDF



I hope that you will enjoy this free pattern.

I will leave this posted throughout the spring.

This easy to cut puzzle should be a good seller at craft shows.

Right click and save to your destination.


Please share these puzzles and tell your friends where you found it. Right click and save to your destination.


Please refer your scroll saw friends to this website to receive their pattern.

Do not make copies and distribute.  Thank you.

Right click on picture and save.




Free Pattern #2

This pattern is from my trivet collection.

Use 3/8 or 1/2 inch thick hardwood of your choice.


The pattern to the left was donated by Charles Dearing.

Charles has continued to design great patterns for many years.

Please follow this link to his Photobucket account see many more of his designs…

H-32 Dearing


Use this attractive pattern for a desk ornament.

Add the 1 7/16 mini clock insert of your own choosing.

I hope you enjoy this one.

For the PDF pattern, click the link below.

1740 Cactus Flower Mini Clock


Click button to download this free pattern.1105 Merry Christmas 3 copy

1105 Merry Christmas 3











Xmas TreePattern #1540

Use this free pattern for an easy Christmas decoration.

Merry Christmas to all.

Right click and save to your destination.









1700 Ornaments copy

Pattern #1700


A page of free Christmas ornament patterns.

1700 Ornaments







Use this free pattern in many different ways.

This would make a great inlay for a tray bottom, a tealight candle

or even a box lid.

Please send me a picture of your project, I will

post for everyone to see.

                            Right click and save to your destination






Please tell everyone where you found this pattern.

1650 Word Cross










Right click and save to your

destination. Make as many copies as needed.










This pattern is meant to be a skill builder. It has all straight lines and sharp corners.  We all have days when we can’t cut a straight line.









‘Laminins are a family of proteins that are an integral part of the structural scaffolding of basement membranes in almost every animal tissue..’ You see… Laminins are what hold us together.. LITERALLY.. They are cell adhesion molecules. They are what holds one cell of our bodies to the next cell. Without them, we would literally fall apart. And I knew all this already. But what I didn’t know is what they LOOKED LIKE.

Here is what the structure of laminin looks like…. AND THIS IS NOT a ‘Christian portrayal’ of it.

Use this pattern as a gift from

Right click and paste to your

favorite destination.


Free pattern to use. If asked of origin please pass along this website name.

Right click on pattern to save.












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  • ron brown says:

    i would like 4 u to check out some of my work because urs is awsome

  • Robert (Bob) Copeland says:

    It was great meeting you tonight at the Scroller’s meeting. I really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to meeting with everyone again. Thanks for inviting me to your site and also for the gift. Unfortunately, I’m usually busy on most Saturday mornings, but the first Monday evening of the month should be good for sure. See you again soon. Bob

  • Hans Meier says:

    They download nice and easy. Works great

  • LaVerne McIntosh says:

    I like the new download for the free patterns. It is nice & easy to use plus gives us the choice of which type we want. Thank you.

  • frankorona says:

    Thank you very much for the patterns, are excellent.

  • Bob c. says:

    thank you for tip.the patterns are brill and have turned out grate on my new scroll saw i have the Excalibur EX-30 and its all good fun thank you again happy scrolling Bob c. to all

  • Geoff Knott says:

    I am just starting out doing scroll saw work and very grateful for the free patterns. Many thanks. Geoff

  • David Duly says:

    Have tryed some of your patterns and have had good results.
    Thanks for all the free ones not a lot going for free these days.
    Pleased to get your news letters as I am sure every one else is.

    Kind regards David

  • TONY says:

    I tried the how great thou art cross. Very good project to cut. I mounted several on an oval backing. The cross was cut from scrap pallett wood planned down to about 3/8 of an inch. Istained it a dark shade and the backer is white. As Dave said not much for free.

  • John Sabina says:

    I see pattern 9400E as too ornate. My personal feeling is that the cross should be my traditional and easier to pick out.

  • jack says:

    Love the Crosses.Great job.keep them coming.


    The cross pattern 9400F is great. If your cd has more cross of this type I’ll buy!
    Oh heck, I’ll probably buy it any how.

  • David says:

    thanks you have a great site and some good paaterns

  • Geoff Knott says:

    Some nice patterns here and a very nice site, well done.

  • Terry says:

    I have a special needs son and am teaching him how to use a scroll saw. I printed some of the easy prints that I know he can so. Thank you for putting these on line. I know we will have a lot of fun.

  • KTDESIGN says:

    Thanjs, I plan on posting 3-4 more free patterns in the next couple of weeks.

  • jairo mejia says:

    thanks a great site

  • Tony Greenway says:

    I really enjoy your website

  • don brunet says:

    just got a new scroll saw for my birthday.

  • Joe Ball says:

    I am just starting to learn how to use the scroll saw and enjoy making projects for gifts to give to family and friends for birth days and holidays. Looking for easy downloads that I can use. Thank you.

  • Debbie Forsythe says:

    Hi! I am fairly new to scrolling and just LOVE it! The skills are so similar to sewing that is was easy for me to learn since I’ve been sewing for years. I just discovered your site and look forward to your newsletter and patterns! Thanks so much!!

  • KTDESIGN says:

    Please comer back often and check us out. Join the newsletter for special announcements.

  • Bill Carpenter says:

    would like to recieve newsletter.thank you.

  • tom roberts says:

    keep up the GOOD work looking forward to more of your patterns

  • kelly says:

    Thank you for sharing.

  • charles Wiggins says:

    looking for patterns for whirligigs LIKE DUCKS, EAGLES ect. appreciate your help thank you

  • Very nice and informative website. I am just getting into scrollsawing and for a retired cabinetmaker of over 40 years (with no scrollsaw use in all those years) I can see how much enjoyment I have missed in all those years. I just love the scrollsaw and am just getting into making boxes and bowels on my scrollsaw for my craft shows. Do you have any suggestions or tips for me.
    Nate Feinberg

  • Allan says:

    Great site just started to learn to scrollsaw

  • GREG WARNER says:


  • josh galland says:

    Thanks for patterns,I just stated playing with scroll saw and i love it

  • karen jansen says:

    i am looking for a scroll—a line about 10 inches long and sort a curly que at each end

  • ali says:

    hello. i am Ali i am from Iran my language ir farsi or persian but i can speak few english . ilove wood and tools of wood i have a scroll saw but i didnt have plane to mak somethings can you email som plan to my email?please?
    my email:
    thank you

  • Roy Blackwell says:

    Hey man, I was looking for a corvette pattern and came across your site. Haven’t seen you in years. How’s life treating you?

    We need to get together and catch up. Are you you doing any shows so time soon?

  • Neil D'leema says:

    HI Fantastic designs love your work ,
    keep it up cheers

  • Hi my name is Vincent and i have been doing some scroll work and i would love some ideals and plans on making some deer,bear,fish,and what ever if you could send me some i would be very happy to have them i love working with wood Thank’s so much


    Hi I am just stating using a scroll saw and I am looking for some patterns, I see that you have free patterns. I don’t have any patterns at all. I would be very greatful if you would send me some patterns. I really love the Christmas tree one. Many thanks Diane

  • Pat Kelly says:

    Do you know of any scroll saw classes in the Phila. PA area?

  • GREG WARNER says:

    LOVE YOUR PATTERNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Timothy Hill says:

    Thank you Karl. Tim

  • George says:

    Thanks for the patterns…. anxiously waiting for my new Dewalt 788 to be delivered!

  • Richard Chevrette says:

    Hello, this is amazing work. I am planning a project for my daughters wedding and I need to make hearts. Most likely, 3 different sizes; 2.5″, 2.0z’ and 1.5″ across. Is there a fixture somewhere I can find to help with this?

    Thank you, Richard

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