Free Scrollsaw Patterns


Do not share these free patterns. If anyone wants a copy

refer them to this website. As long as this one rule is not

broken I will continue to offer free patterns.

Thanks…….Karl …  Tayco Designs/ KTDesigns

To save a copy of any pattern here….

1) Right click

2) Click on “Save Image As” button

3) Save file to your set destination




Get this great pattern for free.Frame 8600 G BITMAP copy

This can be an overlay or a negative cut pattern.

Frame 8600 G



1095 BOD copy

Pattern # 1095 BOD

Click link for pattern…

1095 BOD


Pattern # 1055  TRY

This would make a great sign for a desk top.

Free for a limited time.

Click link to download.

1055 TRY


Originally a clipart pattern, I did some

overhauling and editing to create this pattern.

I am unsure of the original designers name.

#1770   2 Doves

1770 2 Doves




Pattern # 1035 Mini Clock – Flame

Free for a limited

1035 – Mini Clock

1035 Mini Clock-Flame





Get this redesigned

Dover pattern free

with any 10.00 purchase.






This will be offered for a limited time only.








This pattern can be used in many different ways.

Get your free copy now, this will be removed soon.


Use this free pattern as a trivet, pendent or even a box lid.



I hope that you will enjoy this free pattern.

I will leave this posted throughout the spring.

This easy to cut puzzle should be a good seller at craft shows.







  • Rob Tobin says:

    Thanks so much for the patterns. Brand new to scroll sawing and enjoy the info on the site and the patterns. Long way to go to become expert on using my new 20″Delta. Thanks again.

  • Debra Weber says:

    I’m practicing with my new 20″ Dewalt and wish I didn’t have to leave my workshop to go to work. I enjoy your trivet patterns and have drawn several of my own for future projects. Still waiting for my magazine to arrive so I can dive in further. Thank you for the information on this site. Your explanations and descriptions are good for a novice like myself. Thank you.

  • Ray Starr says:

    I’m really excited about getting started scroll sawing. The free patterns are nice and they will give me some good items to get started with. Your website is very informative. Keep up the good work.

  • Bob I says:

    Thank you for the patterns. I don’t have a scrool saw yet, but it’s coming.

    Little Bobby’s Work Shop

    Bob I.

  • toni says:

    these are great thank-you so much!

  • charlee hall says:

    i found your site thru a friend of mine i am not an expert but i try ty for the pat i just got i will try some more

  • Doug Colbert says:

    A very good web site. Thanks so much for the patterns and information. I found your site through Facebook

  • Gayle Duff says:

    Looking College Football pattern for gifts

  • Brian Stark says:

    Thank you for providing such a great site.

    I am totally new to scroll saw projects and as a 78 year old have much to learn.
    I am starting with your free patterns so wish me luck.

    Best wishes from the UK

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