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Every pattern from Scroll Saw Video and Tayco Designs

will be a vectored fine line design.

We will not sell a pattern that has a black infill thus reducing your printing costs. 

All patterns have been pre-cut to ensure there are no errors.

Personal checks accepted, ask for details  SCROLLSAWVIDEO@GMAIL.COM.

Ships to U.S. 48 ONLY at this s&h rate.

All patterns will be mailed on one CD.




Now you can have 50 jigsaw puzzle patterns on 1 CD.

Knowing that fine line designs are much easier to follow with a scroll saw blade, ALL of our patterns will be in this format.

Plus, another great added feature…

ALL of our designs will come available in RED when you print them …if you choose.

Why RED?  Many scrollers find that following a black line with a black blade is cumbersome, causing bad line tracking and eye fatigue.

These patterns will print on an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper  and can be easily re-sized to fit your needs.


Most home printers will print an 8.5 x 11 inch effortlessly.

All of the patterns below will be included on the disk, 

plus over 45  additional quality patterns.

If purchased separately, you would spend well over $200.00.

 and have to find a place to store all of these patterns.

Place a photograph or your own artwork on the wood for a dramatic effect making your project a family heirloom.

Now you can get all 50 patterns for

19.95 plus 2.55 s&h


14.95 plus 2.55 S&H

Total $17.50 USD

 Ships to U.S. 48 ONLY at this s&h rate.

Please note, we are in the process of teaming up with a major fulfillment center overseas orders will be available soon.  Due to printing, the CD jacket may be in various designs but the content will remain the same.




  • mike lewis says:

    your puzzle plans are awsome. I bought the 50 plan cd and have started some for christmas presents. let me know when you have another cd with more puzzle plans

  • Bill Labor says:

    I am trying to find a jigsaw temples that I can resize and print. Any suggestions?

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