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I love to receive comments and critiques from my readers. With these suggestions I will be able to serve you better. Following is a sampling of my readers concerns.

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Thanks in advance…

Hi Karl,What a great idea using a power converter to power your scrollsaw and other
power tools. Down here in New Zealand we only have one power outlet current and that is
230 volts Is that what you were using to run your scrollsaw or was it running on 110
volts ? I have a hegner saw I imported from Australia a couple of years ago it wasn
t cheap but it is great to use. I do enjoy your email’s and always look forward to reading the latest
edition along with the interesting videos you have

Keep up the great work.

Cheers Ken H….

Thanks for the news letter and information.  Enjoyed the connection to Charles and his patterns.  He does some great work.
thanks again
jim m….
Referring to email intriducing the free font patterns.
i just wanted you to know that I appreciated your last e-mail about the copycat, that is one of things we as Americans deal with on a daily business, heck, they have copied ROLLEX watches and try to sell them as the real thing, I am a retired POLICE OFFICER and have a side business of selling law enforcement patches and badges to various police, sheriff agencies and many of the badges and patches have been reproduced and sold to collectors as legitimate police memorbillia, unfortunate but that is life in America.   Keep up the good work, I enjoy your emails and I am going to send you one of those crosses I enlarged and mail out of floor laminate and give you a brief run down of how I made it, it wasn’t that hard, just that floor laminate is not made to be cut with scroll saw blades.  If you will give me an address to mail this cross to, I will be happy to send one.

Don D.

Referring to the video posted ‘Antique Scrollsaws’

Thank you for the video The first power tool I ever used was the scrollsaw withe metal tractor seat and bicycle like pedaling in my grandfather’s basement. I think this was before i started school. I wish I had that scrollsaw, but somehow got lost in estate sell.

Gary L.

I recently sent an email to Dewalt and asked them to explain the difference in the Dewalt 788 scrollsaw and the Delta 40-690. Below is the answer that I received. Also included is the cad drawing of each saw…

There is no difference in these units, I have attached a copy of each parts list.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you. If your question remains unresolved or if y ou require additional information please update this incident.


Jeff Smith

Delta 40-690                                                                 Dewalt 788


You have a great and very helpful site. Boy, I could have really used you 5 or 6 years ago when I began scrolling at age of 62. I learned via video and books.Thanks for your info, being self taught,I was able to correct bad habits. Keep it up,



Thanks for the patterns,right good site too.
Dear Sir
Just a small note to let you know that I do receive all you’r e-mails.
I have viewd all the videos and have put several into practice and
gone out and purchased some of your recomendations.
KUDOS and keep thee-mails comming.


When I was a teenager – about 13 or so, I begged for a lathe for Christmas (and got it).  It was made by Emerson Electric and sold at the Service Merchandise stores for about $50 or so.  The headstock of the lathe also had a table above it, with a recipricating blade that stuck up through it, just like that Rockwell tool.  It used regular jig saw blades.  I used it on a lot of little projects and did work well for that purpose.  I could see how the Rockwell tool could be useful – although probably not as much as they pitch it to be.


Concerning the video about Rockwell’s new tool.

That was pretty good.
Not too sure about tools that try to replace multiple tools


Concerning video about Rockwell’s new tool.


I am an artist, and when I got out of school and went to my first job I decided I was not interested in being a ‘starving’ artist, and was interested in Steve’s video.

I think he only glazed over one point — anyone who makes plans and puts his/her name on them has an automatic copyright in the US, and you can registered same with the US Copyright Office online, doing literally volumes of them for a tiny fee. There is only one good reason to do this:

An amazing number of these pirates own property and actually do pretty well for themselves; you owe them one written notice to cease using a design of yours (and when the thing’s on a CD, lots of luck on them doing that), and after that, I suggest you contact a patent/copyright attorney with connections to a trial attorney. The fact that you registered the copyright gives you the right to recover attorney’s fees and court costs.  To pursue an action against one of these people, the only checking you really want to do before you see counsel is to see if they have real estate or other tangibles.

Frankly, most of the time your registered letter warning them to cease and desist will make them quit, assuming you make it sound good and businesslike.  You will get some liars who tell you that they ‘thought it was copyright free’, or some such, but if they desist selling the CD with your design on it, that’s the best you get.

I’ve had my work ripped off so often it hurts, and the stupid part is that if someone would ask, yes they could use it on their website if I didn’t already have it licensed out.

Otherwise, I agree with this video — do one’s best not to support piracy, and if you can, make your own plans.  It is hard the first time you do anything new, but the human mentality wants to create things, and you will enjoy yourself.

Anyway, thanks for letting me express my opinion.


Referring to a sent email titled ‘Woodworking Piracy’


I suggest you use ScrollSawVideo rather than SCROLLSAWVIDEO.  It would be easier to read.


Karl, Terry here. You need to get a remote microphone to do your videos. In your introduction of Kelly Mehler, I could not hear much of what he had to say. Also, I can’t find a place to sing up. I can only find links to log in. So how do I sign up and what am I signing up for? I have really enjoyed your scrollsaw site.Thanks – Terry! And, I have known Ron Brown for several years. I have a few of his videos already.


Good answer.

(referring to email ‘Best Scroll Saw’)


Did you try masking tape first,then glue, then pattern? I have been doing this and it cuts time. When i did not know this, i would get mad trying to get the glue off the wood. But Sue May came to the rescue.         Myron


i like these videos,but i dont care for the music in the background too much .it is distracting and annoyeing



This video was a great idea!  Thanks for sharing.


(referring to Dirk & Karen Boelman interview)


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  • Rick Smith says:

    Just a note Karl to thank you for the newsletter AND the patterns you list on the free page.
    DeWalt 788(old style)

  • got it.good pattern.up here in yankee country i was looking for the mail,no mail,got it ha.who could i get to make a pattern of brian terry, the fellow killed in the arizona desert.i want to make a portrait for his parents.he i s from flat rock mich, went to my school, the parents still live there.

  • KTDESIGN says:

    Charles Dearing would be your designer on this one. He does awesome portrait patterns. Find him easily on Facebook, don’t know his personal email at the moment. Please tell him that I sent you there. BTW….he donated a free pattern to my website, look for the horse.

  • Kris says:

    i really enjoy your site ,and i check in all the time to see whats new.Good Job lil brother iam proud of you

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